Impound Information

Impound Hours


Closed for Lunch

Closed on Weekdays and Holidays


400 Deputy Larry Miller Dive
Granbury, TX 76048

Impound Storage Fees

Wrecker Fees
Storage-$20 per buisness day (not including weekends and holidays)
Credit Card/Debit Card Fee, if applicable

Forms of Payment

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Money Orders ONLY
Money Orders must be for the exact amount of fees owed


Vehicles and property will only be released to owners (must be listed on the title)
Anyone can pay the impound fees, as long as the owner is present at the office.
If you want to drive your vehicle off the lot, you’ll need a current driver license, proof of vehicle ownership,
and current proof of insurance.

Required Documents

Proof of Vehicle Ownership
Proof of Insurance

Not all vehicles are releasable.
Law enforcement officers may hold impounded vehicles during an active investigation.


What if my driver license is expired? Because you wont be permitted to drive the vehicle off
the lot, you'll need to have it towed, using your preferred tow company. Otherwise, you can
bring a licensed driver with you who may drive the vehicle off the lot.

What if my vehicle registration is expired? You still can retrieve your vehicle as long as the vehicle is
properly titled and hasn’t been re-registered under a different owner’s name. However, you must have the vehicle towed
out, as driving a vehicle without current registration is not permitted.

What if my vehicle was towed in error?You’ll need to contact the law enforcement agency that had the vehicle
towed.  You can reach them through the Hood County Emergency Communications Center’s non-emergency line, 817-579-3307,
option 2.

Who authorizes vehicle tows? Local law enforcement is generally responsible for ordering the removal and
transportation of illegally parked or abandoned vehicles to an authorized impound lot. Tows can also be authorized for accidents,
arrests, recovered stolen vehicles, unlicensed drivers, unlicensed vehicles, and special events.

What payment methods are accepted?; We accept Money Orders or Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit or debit
cards.  A processing fee will be applied for credit and debit card transactions.  We do not accept cash or checks.

What if I need property out of the vehicle? Items from inside any vehicle on our impound lot will only be released
to the legal, registered owner of the vehicle.