COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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Welcome to the Hood County Vaccination Registration Portal, accessed through the Hood County website. The Hood County Office of Emergency Management has partnered with Texas EMS to create a vaccination plan which will allow for the vaccination of those in Phase 1A and 1B.

Hood County is providing initial vaccinations to those most at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Individuals have been places in two groups, designated 1A or 1B. For more details regarding these groups, please visit the DSHS website. 

If you qualify for the vaccine under the Phase 1A or 1B categories, you may proceed to register for an appointment.

NOTE: An appointment is required to receive the vaccine.

If you need assistance to complete vaccine registration or have technical issues with accessing the portal, please call 682-936-4787.

1. Getting Started

  • Only certain dates are available.
    1. There are a limited number of vaccine doses available.
    2. If you are unable to register, please try again later in the week.
  • The vaccine will be given at the GISD Administration Building located at 217 N Jones Street Granbury, Texas 76048.
  • There is no charge for the vaccine or administration.

2. What You Need To Know

At this time, individuals in the following Phase 1A or 1B categories may register for vaccination.

  1. 1A: Workers at
    1. Hospitals                                                    6. ER/Urgent Care 
    2. Long-Term Care Facilities                          7. Pharmacies
    3. EMS 9-1-1                                                  8. First Responders
    4. Home Health                                              9. School Nurses
    5. Outpatient
  2. 1A: Long-Term Care Facility Residents
  3. 1B: Persons aged 65+ or 16+ with at least one chronic medical condition, including pregnancy. This includes essential workers with at least one chronic medial condition. View a list of medical conditions at: 1B Eligibility Guidance 
    1. The Moderna vaccine can only be given to people who are 18 years or older.

NOTE: If you have difficulty walking or standing for extended periods of time, please indicate this at the time of your appointment confirmation call. Accommodations will be made for you. 

3. How It Works

  1. An appointment is required to receive the vaccine. 
    1. Each person needs to register individually. Multiple registrations for the same person will be cancelled.
    2. When you register online, an appointment will be scheduled for you. You will be notified of your appointment date and time via a phone call. 
  2. The vaccine requires two doses to develop the best protection against COVID-19. 
    1. You will need to get the second dose (also known as a booster dose):
      • If you receive the Moderna vaccine, you will need to wait at least 24 days after your first dose.

4. Complete Request

       1. Click the link below to register.

       2. Complete all the forms fields 

NOTE: Questions with a red asterisk are required fields. We need this information to ensure we secure the vaccination for you.

       3. Once completed, click the “Register” button.

       4. You should see an immediate confirmation noting “Thank You! Your vaccine registration has been received”. 

       5. Return to the Hood County website to complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Form. This form must be completed prior to                  being vaccinated. If you are not able to print the forms, you can complete them at the time of your appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration 
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