Overseen by our Jail Physician, Our medical staff provides comprehensive medical care to our inmate patients. We are caring health professionals who value innovation, quality and efficiency and strive to meet the evolving needs of a diverse inmate population. We have partnerships in the community with expert providers to assist in managing complex medical care if needed including by not limited to Pecan Valley Centers - My Health My Recourses. We also have telehealth capabilities to collaborate with expert providers in the medical/mental health community. 

Families often want to inquire about their loved one’s health. We are obligated to follow rules regarding protecting an individual’s health information. We have a process that needs to be followed before we can release any medical information. Please be patient as the medical staff secures signed consent forms from the inmate, granting us permission to discuss any health-related information. 

For more information please contact our medical department at 817-573-3307 Ext. 7627.