About Your Constable

Constable DeWayne Hart

I was elected to the office of Constable Precinct 1&2 on November 2, 2010 in the general election for an unexpired term. I have over 27 years in Law Enforcement experience, approximately 18 of these years serving civil process for Hood County.

I began my Law Enforcement career in Dickens County, Texas in 1981 for the Dickens County Sheriff's Office as a jailer. Later in the year, I was appointed deputy and in 1982 went to the Law Enforcement Academy in Lubbock, Texas. I was employed by the Spur Police Department, and later returned to Sheriff's Office in Dickens.

In 1985 I moved our family to Hood County, where I began working for the Hood County Sheriff's Office as a patrol officer. In 1987 I was able to transfer to the Civil & Warrants Department where I began to learn Civil Process. May 1992 was a year that will always be memorable, as I was appointed Sheriff of Hood County to serve the unexpired term of a retiring Sheriff.

I continued my employment with Hood County Sheriff's Office until October 1993, when I decided to leave my position at the Sheriff's Office and run a campaign for Justice of the Peace, where I was unsuccessful.

In 1997 the newly elected Sheriff hired me back with the Hood County Sheriff's Office and I was appointed Captain of the Civil & Warrants Department. I was employed with the Sheriff's Department until I resigned after being elected to the Office of Constable Precinct 1&2 in November 2010.