Citizens Collection Station


Hours are: Monday, Friday, Saturday 8am - 1pm; Wednesday 12pm - 5pm

The following materials are accepted for free at the Citizens Collection Station located at 244 Bray Street. This material must be clean and dry.

We accept:
  • Paper & cardboard: books, newspaper, magazines, loose paper, junk mail, paper and cardboard boxes (no tissue, paper towels or other contaminated paper).
  • Glass
  • Plastics #1 -#5 & #7 (we do not accept #6 styrofoam or plastic bags)
  • Motor Oil, Filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Tires (First four are free)
  • Batteries (vehicle only)
  • Metal: aluminum, steel, cast iron etc.
For more information please call 817-579-3288.

What shouldn't go in the recycle bin?

  • Plastic bags
    • It’s a very common mistake to place your recyclables into a plastic grocery bag and then place that bag in the bin. Please do not do this!
    • Plastic bags cannot be recycled at the MRF, and in fact, can wrap around the screens. This can stop the machine and then stop the entire process.
Instead, take your clean, empty plastic bags back to the grocery store for recycling. Most grocery stores have a bin just for that purpose.
  • Pizza boxes
    • Corrugated cardboard is usually recyclable, but only if it’s free of grease.
    • What to do? Place the clean top of your pizza box in the recycling bin and throw away the greasy bottom in compost.
    • Plastic containers that held food, like a peanut butter jar, should be as empty as possible.
    • And while you don’t want to waste too much water cleaning your recyclables, a quick rinse will be appreciated by your local recycling facility! The cleaner an item is the more value it will have as a recycled material.
  • Dirty plastic food containers
    • Shredded paper
    • Drinking glass, mirrors and ceramics
    • Soiled paper, diapers
    • Flexible plastics, like plastic wrap, juice pouches and garden hoses
    • Plastic or metal clothes hangers – we recommend taking those back to your dry cleaners or donating them.
  • What happens when you put the wrong items in the recycling bin?
    • Contamination occurs when non-recyclable or dirty items are mixed in with clean recyclable content.
    • Recyclables are worth a lot of money to the manufacturers that use them, but only when they are high quality!
    • Generally speaking, our recyclables are taken to state-of the-art automated recycling centers called MRFs, which use magnets, eddy currents and optical scanners to sort and bale our pile of recyclables into usable materials.
    • When the wrong thing – like a plastic bag or a garden hose – ends up in the system, it can really break things down and cause major delays.
    • It contributes to the overall contamination of the recycling stream so the material is removed and landfilled.
    • It can break the recycling equipment.
  • I want to recycle more materials – why doesn’t the industry try to recycle those materials?
    • Our industry continues to innovate so that there continue to be more options and access to recycling.
    • Some items that can’t be put into the single-stream bin have alternative options.
    • We also continue to advance the technology so that even more items can be recycled.