Probate / Guardianship Fees

Schedule of Fees

Jan 01,  2020
Adverse Actions $110
Annual Account $32
Annual or Final Report of Guardian $17
Application for Sale of Real or Personal Property $126
Claims Against the Estate $15
Orders (Judges Signature) $2
Final Accounting $126
In-County Service (each) $90
Inventory After 90 days $32
Letters $2
Probate as Letters Testamentary or Admin. (with will) $358
Small Estate, Community Admin. $264
Probate Will as Muniment of Title $358
Declaration of Heirship $364
Open Safe Deposit Box $358
Guardianship Under 12 Years of Age $364
Guardianship Over 12 Years of Age $368
Administration and Heirship $552

For More Information

eFiling an Administration with  Heirship

When filing administration and heirship together, select “Probate” under category and “Independent Administration” under type. ($358.00)

This will give you the filing fee for the administration. 

To add the costs for the heirship, all that is needed are additional fees not already charged in the Administration.

On the “Enter Filing Details” screen, add both the Application for Administration and then click “Add Another Filing” to add the Heirship Application.

If you select 

Under “Optional Services” you will need to add the following new fees for the Heirship:

Probate Service Publication $90.00

Probate Service In County $90.00

Issue Citation x 2 $8.00

Judges Signature x 3 $6.00 (one of these is actually an oath)

The total cost for filing an Administration and Heirship with citations and service fees is $552.00.

For more information about the County Clerk's services and fees, please contact the Clerk's office at (817) 579-3222.