Probate / Guardianship Fees

Schedule of Fees

Adverse Actions $110
Annual Account $32
Annual or Final Report of Guardian $17
Application for Sale of Real or Personal Property $111
Claims Against the Estate $15
Orders (Judges Signature) $2
Final Accounting $111
In-County Service (each) $75
Inventory After 90 days $32
Letters $2
Probate as Letters Testamentary or Admin. (with will) $343
Small Estate, Community Admin. $264
Probate Will as Muniment of Title $343
Probate for Letters of Administration (without will) $348
Declaration of Heirship $344
Open Safe Deposit Box $343
Guardianship Under 12 Years of Age $349
Guardianship Over 12 Years of Age $353
Administration and Heirship $507

For More Information

For more information about the County Clerk's services and fees, please contact the Clerk's office at (817) 579-3222.