Probation Violations

Motion to Modify the Disposition

If your child violates the terms of probation, most often a motion to modify the disposition will be filed. Both you and your child may be summoned to appear at a modification hearing. At the hearing, a decision can be made to:
  • Commit your child to secure out-of-home placement
  • Extend your child's probation
  • Place your child in a non-secure residential facility for juveniles
  • Commit your child to the Texas Youth Commission

Probation Extension

On occasion, an agreed order may be initiated to extend your child’s probationary period. If this is an option, the order must be signed by:
  • The juvenile probation officer
  • The prosecuting attorney
  • Your child
  • Your child's attorney
The order must then be forwarded to the judge for approval. No formal hearing is necessary for this option.

For More Information

For more information on probation violations, please contact the Juvenile Probation Department at (817) 579-3273.