Brush Yard

Hood County Brush Yard

Wednesdays 8:00 am to 12:00 Noon

1510 Weatherford Highway

Beginning October 7, 2020, the following fees apply:

We accept cash and checks only  

  • Trailer length 16' to 18'-- $30.00

  • Trailers greater than 18'-- $40.00

  • Dump Beds 10 yards or less-- $40.00

  • Dump Beds larger than 10 yards-- $50.00

Tree limbs, brush, and leaves must be free of dirt, barbed wire, other metals, trash, and rubbish. No tires, garbage, lumber, construction debris, landscape fabric, furniture, appliances, or anything but natural brush and limbs. Logs up to 18" in diameter and 16' in length will be accepted. Any logs larger, will need to be split/cut before accepting. Stumps will not be accepted.

*Enclosed trailers and trailers with permanent side rails, will be unloaded by the owner in a designated area.