Rights of Way


No driveway or utility construction shall be allowed without first obtaining a permit from the Road Operations Department. The following are additional regulations with regard to rights of way.


Placement of advertising signs and other private signs within the right of way of any county road is not permitted. Street name signs are permitted by Hood County regulation.

Concrete, Brick, or Masonry Work

Concrete work, brick work, or masonry work that is not a part of the road drainage system or pavement system is not allowed within the county right of way, except as permitted by an approved county permit. Entrance gates and private retaining walls are not allowed within the county rights of way.


Planting or constructing landscape within the county right of way is not permitted. Landscaping includes trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, and other decorative plantings as well as the construction of landscaping appurtenances.


Fences are not permitted in the rights of way of county roads. Fences may be placed on the right-of-way line of county roads.


To obtain a utility access permit, please download and complete the Utility Permit Application.