Duties and Responsibilities

Mission of the Treasurer

The mission of the Treasurer's Office is to preserve the financial integrity of Hood County.

The County Treasurers Creed

Treasurers Creed

Primary Duties

The county treasurer is the chief custodian of county finance and is charged with the safekeeping and investing of county funds. This includes the maintenance and reconciliation of all checking accounts under the care of the county treasurer as well as the disbursement of funds. The county treasurer:
  • Acts as the county’s banker
  • Is the chief liaison between the county and the depository bank
  • Is the county’s investment officer
  • Provides reports to county taxpayers, assuring accuracy and safety of county funds

In addition, the treasurer’s office serves as the payroll processor for 350 plus employees. Commissioner’s Court, Jury, Juvenile Board and Adult Probation (CSCD) checks are processed in the treasurer’s office.

Other Duties

Some of the additional duties of the treasurer's office are:
  • Agent for State Reports
  • Coordinating employee benefits
  • Custodian of Bail Bond collateral
  • Custodian for Unclaimed Property
  • Fulfill records requests from External Auditors
  • Participate in Commissioners Court Meetings
  • Participate in Budget Meetings
  • Payroll Processing for approx. 350 Hood County employees, including correlating all Payroll Reports to taxable entities
  • Performs Bank reconciliations, monitors investments and indebtedness
  • Receipt, Deposit and Disbursement of Hood County Funds
This list is not to be considered inclusive.