Protective Orders

By law, the Hood County Attorney's Office may ONLY file Protective Orders in the following cases: For Victims of Family Violence (Victims MUST be members of the family, household, or must be in dating relationships with the defendants) -OR- For Victims of Sexual Assault, Stalking, or Human Trafficking (These victims do NOT need to have a family relationship to the defendants)

We cannot file Protective Orders in any other cases. If you are a victim of Family Violence (assault), Sexual Assault, Stalking, or Human Trafficking, you must complete a PO Questionnaire. Once we review your questionnaire, we will contact you. If you are eligible for a PO, we will schedule an interview with one of our attorneys.

- Matthew A. Mills, Hood County Attorney

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.
If you need emergency shelter, call the 24-hour Mission Granbury crisis hotline at 817-579-6848.