Hot Check Division

Collection Methods

The county attorney's office currently collects over $2500.00 a month, on average, in restitution and fees for our merchants. The Hot Check Division collects approximately 75-80% of the hot checks written in Hood County through a courtesy letter sent out by this office. The other 20-25% go through the court system, after an Affidavit of Service for Theft by Check is signed by the merchant. The division files a complaint document and requests the justice of the peace to issue a warrant for the hot check writer.


In addition to the face amount of the check, we also collect a return check fee of $30 for the merchant and a collection fee for the county attorney’s office. This is a free service for merchants.

Tips for Collecting and Prosecuting Hot Check Writers

Be sure to identify the person who signs the check. A valid driver’s license and date of birth are the best identifiers that aid us in prosecuting a case. Also, be sure the check is dated and presented to your bank within 30 days of the date the check was written.

Please note: Once a check has been turned over to the county attorney’s office for collection, under no circumstance should the merchant accept payment. The hot check writer should be referred to the county attorney’s office. This prevents miscommunication that could result in a lawsuit, should the check writer pay the merchant, not inform the county attorney’s office, and thereby leave an active warrant outstanding.


Merchant Packet - Hot check Merchant Information & Forms 

View information on checks that cannot be reported, or review the process for presenting hot checks to the county attorney.


Marsha Dickens for more information at 817-579-3216.