Criminal Division


The Criminal Division files and prosecutes misdemeanor cases. The steps the office follows for this process are:
  • The case is received from a Hood County law enforcement agency.
  • The case is entered into our case management system.
  • The case is assigned to an attorney for review.
  • The case is approved by the attorney and returned for filing.
  • The case is filed with the county clerk.
  • The case is set on a county court law docket for an arraignment hearing.
  • The defendant is notified of the hearing by the County Court at Law.

Division of Cases

Matthew A. Mills
  • Intake through Arraignment
Katy Spraberry
  • Post-Arraignment through Final Disposition
Venisa McLaughlin
  • all Justice of the Peace courts

Accessing Case Information

After a case is filed, anyone may access case information using the Hood County Clerk's public records site. Click here to access the site.

Our office provides information about a case only to the attorney of record.


At the arraignment hearing, the county attorney’s office will offer the defendant a plea offer, in which the defendant may be placed on deferred or non-deferred probation or sentenced to a term of jail time. The defendant will be assessed a fine, court costs, restitution, community service hours, and fees if placed on probation.

At this time, the defendant has the following options:
  • Hiring an attorney
  • Requesting a court-appointed attorney
  • Taking the State's plea offer
If a court-appointed attorney is requested, there are certain criteria that must be met to qualify. If the judge finds the defendant indigent, he/she can appoint an attorney to represent the defendant. The defendant may request a court-appointed attorney form from the jail at the time of arrest or from the county court at law coordinator. Click here for the application form.

BRADY / Art. 39.14 NOTICE