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: Now available: VIEW DOCUMENTS. The County Clerk is pleased to announce searchable Court Records and viewable court documents are now available online. Just hover your cursor over Government, slide down and hover over the County Clerk, then slide over to Court Records and select the option for Online Court Records. If you do not see Online Court Records, you will need to delete your cache and your cookies to see the new information You may also use this link. Happy Searching! 


Persons needing to obtain a copy of their Bill of Costs in a criminal case may use this link to pull up their criminal cases and view or print their Bill of Costs for free. 



: Please be aware that there is a scam where someone calls you with the County Clerk's phone number on the caller I.D. stating they tried to serve you with a summons and you could not be found.  They will send you to a third party to handle this mistake and ask you for a credit card or bank information.  Don't fall for this.  We do not call people for service on summons.  The County Clerk will never ask you for financial information over the telephone.  Ever.   Thank you.



: Please be aware that there are some companies targeting families that are unaware of how to get your property or deed record. These companies are offering to get your property deed at an elevated cost. For example, they might advertise a cost to get your deed record for $65.00. That deed might be 4 pages and the actual cost would be $4.00 or $9.00 for a certified copy. Any questions for pricing can be asked by calling our number listed on this web site. Thank you.

*ALERT: Please be aware that there are "companies" out there that are sending people letters on company letterhead claiming that they have monies for you to claim by contacting them. These letters state they are contacting you on behalf of the Hood County Clerk. The County Clerk's Office does not hire any third party businesses as claim recovery agents to hold money in escrow to be claimed at a later date.

The County Clerk's Office provides a variety of services including:

Office History

The office of County Clerk has been in existence in Texas since 1836, superseding the Escribano (secretary) of Spanish-Mexican rule.


Our mission is to provide quality service with well-trained, helpful, and pleasant employees, current technology, and up-to-date record availability while preserving Hood County's history. I believe we are and will continue to move the Hood County clerk's office forward to completing our mission.

Office Locations
Deed Records and Vitals
201 W. Bridge Street
Granbury, Texas 76048

1200 W. Pearl Street
Granbury, Texas 76048

Phone Number

(817) 579-3222

Mailing Address:

Hood County Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 339
Granbury, Texas 76048