Criminal Enforcement


The constable’s Warrant Division is responsible for serving warrants (criminal process) and arresting fugitives in Hood County. Most warrants are the result of traffic violations and hot checks. Deputies systematically locate and arrest defendants using a variety of tactics. The constable’s Warrant Division works to relieve this back log of cases on the courts in Hood County. Furthermore, the division acts as the mechanism diligently attempting to collect the outstanding fees and court costs duly owed by the offender to the county, thus saving tax dollars.  

Executing Warrants

This unit executes all warrants from Class C to felonies, including traffic, child support, contempt of court attachments, and juvenile capias. Assistance is provided to all of the surrounding law enforcement agencies and calls for services from citizens when manpower is short. This unit also focuses on traffic concerns in the outlying areas of this precinct.

Warrant Collection Program

A dramatic increase in warrant service was achieved through an innovative warrant collection program developed by Constable Jordan in 2005 and is the product of a cooperative effort between the local justices of the peace and the constable. This program utilizes postcards and follow-up visits by the constable or deputy. The postcards are mailed to notify defendants that they are subject to immediate arrest due to outstanding fines that have become warrants. Defendants may then pay their fines at Judge Danny Tuggle’s office or online. If payment is not received, the defendant is escorted to jail.