Mental Commitments


The county attorney's office processes involuntary mental and mental retardation commitments. Proposed patients must currently be a danger to themselves and/or others, or their condition must be deteriorating to the point that they are no longer able to perform daily functions necessary for life.

Emergency Detention Orders

You, as a relative, friend, neighbor, or case worker of a proposed patient, can complete an Emergency Detention Order Application at the county attorney's office, which is located at:
1200 W. Pearl St.
Granbury, TX 76048

Proposed patients must currently be suicidal and/or exhibiting violent behavior before they are eligible. Once the order has been signed by a magistrate, the patients will be picked up by the sheriff's deputies and transported to the local emergency room for examination. If the proposed patients meet the criteria for an involuntary commitment, they will be transported to an appropriate facility. Emergency detentions are good for only 48 hours without having a hearing.

Order of Protective Custody

Following the 48-hour period, another application must be completed requesting an order of protective custody, which allows proposed patients to remain in hospital custody for an additional 72 hours.

Probable Cause and Final Hearings

The court considers the physician's Certificate of Medical Examination as well as witnesses to decide if it would be in patient's best interest to remain in the hospital's custody. If the court determines continued treatment is necessary, a final hearing will be held within 14 days from the initial application date. This allows a patient to remain in treatment for up to 90 days, should the physician determine a need.

Please note: Situations vary with each individual case. The particular needs of a proposed patient may be discussed by contacting the county attorney's office at (817) 579-3216, the mental health mental retardation office at (817) 573-2662, or the crisis hotline at (800) 772-5987.